Side Effects in Medicine

Drugs Side Effects

All medications must be FDA approved in order to be sold on the pharmacuticlal market and check their side effects before mass use. Part of this very regulated and expensive process is publication of the Side Effects of those drugs. Pharmacies must also print up instructions and drug interaction warnings that are included as part of the directions for proper dosage from the physician. It is mandatory for drugs that are dispensed to include drug interaction Side Effect conditions such as how the drug can effect a person that takes another drug or consumes alcoholic beverages or grapefruit juice.

Typical Side Effects

Many drug interactions cause typical Side Effects to the blood stream, blood pressure, heart rate, brain function and other vital functions that can lead to depression, dependency, insomnia and even death. As we see in high profile cases, such as the most recent accidental drug overdose related death of the late and very talented Whitney Houston and of the icon Michael Jackson, there are many dangerous conditions that can result from a drug interaction induced Side Effect.

Side Effects in Medicine

Reading the mandatory documentation of Side Effects

Many tort lawyers prey on pharmaceutical companies by way of reading the mandatory documentation of Side Effects. If users of the drugs have suffered from any of the documented effects that are not intended but happen for various known or unknown reasons, then the legal tort system has legal fodder. For drugs that have enough users to form a class action law suit for millions of dollars in settlements for any of one Side Effect, the sum effect is to drive up the cost of health care making everyone suffer.

If a ceiling was applied to these types of law suits, dealing with the repercussions of drug interaction, prescription errors and unintended consequences of normally miraculous and useful drugs, may result in a reformed climate for affordable healthcare. Unfortunately, because of these issues, regarding unplanned reactions to drugs that, for the most part, serve patients well, for a wide range of difficult diseases, enhancing the quality of their lives and saving lives, healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. Tort reform is never addressed because of tort lawyer lobbies that do a very efficient job of stopping any reforms from taking place.

Unintended Side effects from drugs

Regarding the welfare of patients that suffer from unintended effects from drugs, such as depression, insomnia and life threatening reactions, it is tantamount that physicians, nurses and pharmacists continue to do their part in making sound decisions on administration and information to patients. Doctors must take into account whether or not a patient has an history of drug abuse, allergies and other health mitigating factors that could be problematic. All drugs can have potential unintended consequences. Keeping the patient’s welfare as the number one priority is likely to insure that the best results will occur despite the risks.

For more reading about drugs and side effects of drugs it is important to read about it at the official site of the FDA. You can find a lot of useful information at this site.